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Central Valley Coalition for Affordable Housing

3351 "M" St., Suite 100 - Merced, Ca. 95348 - Phone: (209) 388-0782


History of CVCAH

The Central Valley Coalition for Affordable Housing was established in 1989 by the Housing Authority of the County of Merced. Federal funding for affordable housing had ceased and the Director of the Housing Authority believed there was still a need for more affordable housing within Merced County. The primary goal was to establish a local, non-governmental organization dedicated to bringing together available funding programs within the community to help build and sustain affordable housing.

Since its inception the Coalition has built upon partnerships starting with the cities of Merced and Los Banos, the County of Merced, and the Affordable Housing Development Corporation (AHDC).   The Coalition serves as the City of Merced's Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), and receives Community Development Block Grants from the City on an annual basis to sustain local housing.

Early projects included new construction and rehabilitation projects that soon branched beyond the County of Merced and Central Valley. Projects include housing for low income, senior citizens, homeless, and other special needs populations at project sites that range from one unit to more than 200 unit apartment complexes. Today the Coalition has projects in 90 cities in California, 2 cities in Arizona and 1 city in Washington which provide more than 16,000 units to low income families. In addition the Coalition is responsible for managing several of the properties throughout the Central Valley and provides Social Service training at many of its sites statewide.

Funding for projects comes from local, state, and federal funds and is primarily done in collaboration with Private and City Partnerships. The Coalition is dedicated to the original intent of the organization; 

"Working diligently to increase the inventory of decent, safe and affordable housing to persons and families of  low and moderate income throughout the valley.  We are willing to work with anyone or any agency that will help us in this direction and, so far, we have been successful." 

The Corporation is headed by Christina Alley, Chief Executive Officer, who has been with the organization since its creation. The Coalition receives legal assistance from Mr. Robert Haden of the Law Firm Robert Haden Professional Corporation, located at 2241 N Street, Merced , CA 95340 .

Last Updated:07/16/2014

Established in 1989 by the Housing Authority of the County of Merced