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Central Valley Coalition for Affordable Housing

3351 "M" St., Suite 100 - Merced, Ca. 95348 - Phone: (209) 388-0782


Who We Are

The Central Valley Coalition for Affordable Housing is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing low income housing to families in California, Washington, and Arizona. The Coalition works with Housing Authorities, Private Partners, Counties, and Cities, to construct new or rehabilitate existing apartment complexes or individual units. This includes management oversight or contract oversight with management companies to ensure all properties follow state, federal, local, and/or funding source operational and facility guidelines.

In operation since 1989, the Coalition has extensive knowledge in putting together finance packages that include local, state, federal, tax credit, and/or bond funding. Projects are designed to meet HUD, USDA, HOME, or other standards as set forth by each individual funding source. Complexes provide housing for families that include community centers, libraries, computer labs, playground areas, and ongoing support services for residents which includes opportunities to access services, information, and activities that promote self-sufficiency to enhance their quality of life. 

Today the Coalition is the Non-Profit Agency responsible for or partners in constructing more than 200 apartment complexes throughout California, Arizona and Washington and in providing Social Service classes to more than 90 of those units.

Last Updated:07/16/2014

Established in 1989 by the Housing Authority of the County of Merced